One featuring Supermodel Rachel Hunter

Remember last week when I run that bit about Damian Chapa (“Under Siege”, “Streetfighter”) in Caffeinated Clint?

Incongruously – though I doubt this is a happenstance – a press release just turned up in the email altering me as to the actor’s new projects, including two he’s producing. Surprise, Surprise and a tub of hot fries.

Director/writer/actor Chapa and Laguna Productions have announced their new theatrical works “Mexican American” and “El Chicano.” Co-executive producer Los Angeles based Laguna Productions will also oversee “Mexican American’s” DVD release slated for May 5, 2007, Cinco de Mayo.

Chapa and Laguna Productions have also announced plans to begin production on their latest feature geared to the Latino market titled “El Chicano” starring Jack Scalia, Joanna Pacula and Chapa. Both productions were introduced to international buyers at NATPE 2007.

“Laguna Productions is the premier film production and distribution company servicing the Latin market, and I”m delighted to be working together again with Elart Coello and Laguna on these new projects,” said Chapa.

“Mexican American” is the tale of a famous boxer, who after loosing his wife, falls into depression and becomes an alcoholic. It is only when his daughter is kidnapped by a Aryan based terrorist group in Mexico that he is able to recapture his life to save his daughter. The film stars Chapa, Joe Estevez and Rachel Hunter.

“El Chicano” tells the tale of Gabriel Benevitez who honors his grandmother\’s wish to become a professor and not enter the legal profession. Benevitez marries Irma, the district attorney, who is brutally murdered execution style by the Russian Mob. Benevitez goes against his grandmother’s wish and takes the law into his own hands.

Another Missing Person Found.

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